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A network, think-tank and movement of transhumanists promoting human enhancement technologies, ideas, values and enterprise in Africa and across the worldwide African Diaspora.
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Transhumanists Africa (TA), Incpioneers the integration ofcutting-edge technologies to advance transhumanist idealsacross Africa and the global African DiasporaJoin us as we shape the future, making people better through innovative applications and more humane ideas and practices.

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Transhumanists Africa For TheWorld

Transhumanists Africa (TA), Inc. is dedicated to promoting transhumanist principles and fostering community among Africans and the global African Diaspora. Our mission encompasses generating awareness of transhumanism, building a network for idea exchange, advocating ethical technology adoption, and championing the rights and improvement of persons.
Transhumanists Africa (TA) actively promotes transhumanist thought and consciousness through education, research, and advocacy.
TA serves as a hub for technological innovation and collaboration, aiming to cultivate a robust transhumanist community and civilization worldwide.
Transhumanists Africa creates a space for transhumanists across Africa and the African Diaspora to network, share information, and exchange ideas
TA advocates the ethical use of technology to extend mental and physical capacities and improve individual control over their lives.

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